hr HR Automation software in nepal


Zinob-HR is build with concept that HR department should get more time for strategic planning and efficiency enhancement of workforce rather than record keeping. and once you switch to Zinob, there is no more work than to think! With Zinob-HR management software you will experience the best of technology in a click. Zinob HR Software is complete package to meet your HR need with features you always wanted! Never lose track of single employee once they enter in your HR system with Zinob-HR software.

Multi features

Zinob has maximum functionality that suits need of both small and large scale organizations.
Industry specific management tools
Wholesome Integrated system with one time data input functionality to all devices.
Analytical and strategic result generation.
Zinob allows full traceability of the employee.
The software is customizable depending upon the need of organization.
Complete web based technology.
Separate Help department with functional Engineers.(Full time helpline provided to customers.)
Trusted by big name in corporate world.

Customizable and Experienced!

HR management software is experienced in workforce management in large scale to small scale industry. With its custom products like Zinob-Attendance and Time management, Zinob-Payroll, employee event recording click easy. While most existing HR softwares are computerized tools for record keeping, Zinob innovation lead to smart technological application to create analytical and logical environment to boost company outcomes.

HR Automation:

Zinob automates the HR management system with its technological innovation and integration. The automation process manage and monitor workforce management by the application of simple software based solutions. HR automates create thinking space in HR department enabling HR future planning, management, capacity development to ensure maximum workforce performance. technological integration makes Zinob-HR a simple step functioning software program which gives enough room to evaluate individual employee potential for HR personnel which ultimately supports strategic planning on workforce management. Zinob is smartness embedded device integration technology to manage the smart human resource of your organization. Let your employee feel empowered with technology based management! and keep the employee morale high.

Global prospect:

Zinob-HR management system understand the changing context of work environment and requirements in global market and that is why the software is so designed to meet unique needs of global company. We focus on company specific to custom solution and throughout help service to effective operation of Zinob-HR software. From the past experience with diverse geo located companies and service sectors, Zinob understand and solve complicity that can arise depending on organizational structure and company policies. We have been able to hold maximum client satisfaction rates and our service has been in demand by pioneer industries which makes us more confident about our approach to address serious HR issues universally.